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Our Board of Advisors

Bruce Youb
Advisory Board ~ Patent Services
Peter Ashton
Advisory Board ~ Finance
Robert Carrington
Advisory Board ~ Banking

Our Support Team

Steve Walewski
Liquidity Support Manager
Jareth Thomas
Network Systems Manager
Steven Andersen
Public Information Officer
Ivis "Bo" Davis
Chief Data Scientist
Walter Kimberling
Chief Information Officer

The History of XUSD Blockchain

The Research Process

In late December 2017, the leadership of ICTS Trust ATOA, LLC had a rather important meeting to discuss several new key business sectors of interest that were to be added to the roadmap for the coming year. One of those new areas of interest happened to be the cryptocurrency market space. Early on, ICTS leadership identified the importance of this new market vertical and discovered that cryptocurrency was indeed the best possible solution to elevate the Sovereign indigenous tribes; that the Trust represented; onto a level playing field comparable with modern traditional finance options. This revolutionary realization directly established that blockchain technologies would surely become the game changer that was required to make this equalization a reality. Thus, XUSD Blockchain Holdings was born. 

During the process of creating the structure behind this new venture, it had become quite clear that the primary focus had to be upon the development of a secure cryptocurrency. To best accomplish this task, ICTS leadership; along with the newly founded leadership team at XUSD; began an ardent process of thorough research and practical study to determine the best possible plan of action to develop this new currency as well as to discover what laws and treaties might be within the public record to justify its creation. 

During this well-founded research process, the team quickly discovered that treaty laws established in the late 1800’s with regards to indigenous currency under treaty with the United States of America, as well as the Gold Abrogation laws of 1933, provided the justification of this new cryptocurrency product. 

From here, the team then began to fully understand the methodology by which to properly attach traditional commodities and precious metals assets behind the currency. This was to be accomplished via the utilization of provisions found under “The Common Law System of Debits & Credits”, The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNICITRAL), as well as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Throughout the research process, it became abundantly clear that to create something sustainable over the long term; the development of the proper structure for this new product was vastly important to effectively service the global need. 

As the research process continued forward, the leadership teams of both organizations learned that it would be vital to the deployment of the cryptocurrency to create a larger market capitalization at the onset of the process via the minting of more tokens; versus minting more during the later stages of the deployment; this would be required to increase the circulation of the total supply into international markets. 

The Complete Solution

After thorough observation of the vast array of volatile cryptocurrencies within the current market space, it was quickly understood that it would be necessary to bring forward a stabilized, asset backed product that would limit the volatility that has plagued the marketplace since its inception. To accomplish this requirement, the cryptocurrency would need to be classified as valid collateralization under the BASEL III international banking compliance standard, as well as the regulatory standards for normal and customary practices as established by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) of the United States. In addition to limiting the overall volatility of the currency, the leadership teams of both organizations have limited the regulatory exposure of this new currency via the exclusive licensure of a fully approved United States Patent for the "Method For Creating Commodity Assets From Unrefined Commodity Reserves Utilizing Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Technologies". 

The Market Analysis

Within the rapidly growing market, it became vital under this new hybrid financial model to effectively bridge the traditional banking system with the newly available, blockchain based ecosystems and technologies that were swiftly becoming the new standard within Fintech sector. Thus the birth of the XUSD Family of Coins had been made a reality. 

The XUSD Family of Coins are specifically designed as a new financial system equivalent, one based upon abundance and true equity - not made up fiat paper. This new digital currency provides a way to transition from the current system of depreciation into a revolutionary financial ecosystem of appreciation that has the infrastructure in place to support this state-of-the-art abundance-based economy. The leadership team at XUSD Blockchain Holdings believes that humanity has been enslaved by the old financial system for far too long and are in great need of a governmentally independent protocol to securely transact and convey property commercially in real time - WITHOUT serving corporate interests. Via the utilization of these secure blockchain technologies, with a simple design premise built upon the ideation of “Peer-to-Peer” systems architectures, XUSD Blockchain and its technology partners have developed what is believed to be a true financial system that enforces equity, honor and fair trade for the first time in generations! 

Welcome To Industry 4.0

XUSD Blockchain Holdings will continue to perfect this technology for the foreseeable future; while further deploying new cryptocurrencies, commissioning new commodities assets through its partners at ICTS, and further integrating cutting-edge network subsystems with its technology partners at Unified Global Intelligence Corporation (UGIC) on a global scale.

Asset Classes

An Understanding of the Assets

To date, XUSD Blockchain Holdings, its associated asset holders, as well as our collectivizer partner have compiled a physical asset pool valued well in excess of $6.754 Trillion US Dollars allocated as collateral against the XUSD Family of Coins. With our new PoV cryptocurrency documentation plan and the BMP Governance Model, all Smart Contracts deployed by XUSD Blockchain Holdings have proven to provide an unmatched level of functionality that truly presents great opportunities in the facilitation of additional asset assignments as well as creates an overall scalability of the XUSD Family of Coins that far outpaces any other cryptocurrency that is currently available within the marketspace today. 

What Our Asset Partners & Token Holders Say About XUSD Blockchain

James Nelson

CEO XUSD Blockchain & Managing Director of ICTS Trust ATOA

"Cryptocurrencies will play their respective role in rendering paper money and billing obsolete in the coming years, and that is a fact. “

  • Tonya Stephens Image
    Token Holder

    Tonya Stephens

    I am honored to be apart of this life altering opportunity, its not just any crypto currency, it’s world changing crypto currency!

  • Cheryl Baumgardner Image
    Token Holder

    Cheryl Baumgardner

    I feel so blessed to have been introduced to this epic opportunity. I have dreamed for years of making a difference in our society. This will allow me to fulfill my dreams!

  • Vili Costescu Image
    Token Holder

    Vili Costescu

    XUSDP is not another coin, its a Movement and I'm proud to be an early adopter! I can't wait to tell my grandkids the story of their future thanks to XUSD!

  • Chris Clark Image
    Token Holder

    Chris Clark

    Im so grateful to be able to position myself in front of the biggest paradigm shift in the world of energy with XUSDP. I will be able to tell my grandkids, “You know the big energy shift in 2023? I was there in the beginning.” Thank you XUSD Team.

  • Token Holder

    Leann Langolf

    I was introduced to XUSDP back in March of 2022. Very grateful to hold these coins! I know that myself and many others involved in this project are looking forward to helping with humanitarian projects all over the world. I am so thrilled for the future of XUSD Blockchain and the opportunity of generational wealth that will be created over the next few years.

  • Token Holder

    Cristian Bocanegra

    The process is wonderfully harmonious when you have a support team that knows your needs, thank you XUSD Team for reminding us of human values, you have transformed our lives to transcend in time...

  • Asset Partner

    Gold & Silver Holdings

    Much like many countries we see moving back to new gold and asset backed currencies, we saw XUSD Blockchain as the leader in the crypto space as far as their recognition of the importance of being “asset backed”. We believe in the overall crypto platform and it’s future in revolutionizing financial markets, payment and data protection and decentralizing the monetary system! XUSDP will be the future of crypto and we are proud to be a partner in this revolution.

  • Brian Baulch Image
    Token Holder

    Brian Baulch

    XUSDP is like a long special freight train carrying many significant assets from countries around the world. Those who come aboard are determined and inspired by the historical significance of the journey - its like taking a step back in time when world currencies used to be backed by gold. A time when the middle class were not being squeezed by inflation pressures but worked well together through community and family bonding time available to them. XUSDP truly is a symbol of economic freedom!

The XUSD Family of Coins - The True Gateway into the 4th Industrial Revolution of Our World!

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